Yvonne Brown

Yvonne Brown is an active entrepreneur, who enjoys spending time gardening with her grandchildren, cooking for her family and taking part in communion with the Orthodox Church. She is a creative, selfless, and exuberant in all that she does.

As a business woman, Yvonne Brown is the CEO, co-founder and partner of several organizations. Yvonne has spent the last 30 years volunteering to help with the lives of others, whether family, friends or strangers. Yvonne’s passion for helping others is demonstrated throughout both her professional and personal life. Her commitment to community development and assisting in building family legacies is part of her core principles; along with the mission for The Faithful Steward.

Yvonne Brown is a financial coach, a LLQP certified insurance agent and an investment agent. Applying her knowledge, skills, and experience help guide her clients to achieve their financial goals. Her practice is education focused, equipping clients with the skills and knowledge to repeat and replicate, especially for family and friends.

Yvonne is committed to your success as your Faithful Steward.


The Faithful Steward

This shop's mission is designed to empower you through our financial literacy, educational and lifestyle mapping tools; premium products from our network of professional alliances.

Our vision is committed to make financial literacy common place dinner table discussions for all age groups, with a special focus on family legacy building.

The Faithful Steward is committed to becoming your helping hand, guiding you through a journey to attaining your financial goals! We are focused on providing financial wellness benefits that multiply for generations, ensuring your family continued success. Let's move ahead to a successful financial legacy plan!